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Skymatics OSC – Enhanced Drone Permissions

09/01/22 - By Daniel Jordan

An OSC (Operational Safety Case) is an extensive document approved by the Civil Aviation Authority that allows Skymatics Remote Pilots to operate their drones beyond the confinements of the majority of most other Drone Operators in the UK.

These enhanced permissions allow us to fly further, higher and also closer to uninvolved people. Ultimately, this means our drone operations become more efficient for our clients. For large surveys we can now focus more on achieving quality data, as opposed to previously identifying how many areas we would have to take-off and land from under the previous standard permissions.

By demonstrating our exceptional skills and disciplined company procedures, we’re setting ourselves apart from our competitors. Our focus is to ensure our drone operations are always as safe and effective as possible, our OSC helps us continue to do just that.

The table in the gallery below highlights the key differences between typical standard permissions and Skymatics OSC.

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