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Drone Survey

With hundreds of flight hours completed across multiple industries, clients return to Skymatics time and time again for reliable, accurate and trustworthy data. We use industry-leading enterprise drones with high-resolution cameras allowing us to capture stunning aerial photography and produce unrivalled, accurate survey data.

Our drones are versatile, making them suitable for a variety of different jobs. From aerial surveying and inspection to promotional 4k videos. Safety is our number one priority and we’re proud to maintain a one hundred percent safety record across our fleet of drones.

Drone Services

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Drone Survey

Our drones are specifically designed for aerial surveying and 3D mapping. Combining a 45mp camera and full-frame sensor with a RTK / PPK system to help capture survey-grade data.

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Drone Inspection

High-resolution imagery, market leading optical zoom, and a live 1080p video feedback means our drones are perfect for providing comprehensive aerial inspections.

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Drone Photography & Film

Aerial photography and video can positively benefit individuals and businesses for many reasons. Adopting the latest technology, we capture stunning imagery and 4K video.

Drone Aerial Survey M300 DJI UAV 900x600 - Drone Survey

Drone Survey

Our state of the art drones can capture thousands of geotagged images over hundreds of acres in a matter of hours whilst providing survey grade accuracies. This not only significantly reduces time by comparison with traditional survey methods, but also removes any boots-on-ground in potentially hazardous sites.

Loaded with a proprietary high-resolution calibrated camera, survey grade RTK image geotagging capabilities, advanced data acquisition software, Skymatics drone fleet is purpose selected for survey-grade mapping missions and will undoubtedly capture exponentially more data than a traditional survey, processing millions of pixels into points creating extremely detailed surveys in a number of CAD formats if required.

Our expertise have helped deliver numerous highly accurate aerial surveys consisting of orthomosiac and point cloud data to some of the biggest construction projects in the UK, Hinkley Point C and HS2.

Our workflows and deliverables have already been championed by our clients at a national drone conference.

We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with an Operational Authorisation, relevant insurances and CAA Exemption for operation in some restricted airspaces.

Drone Inspection

Drone Inspection

Rooftops, wind turbines, guttering, communication towers, buildings, pylons, solar panels and anything else that is generally located at height or in confined space immediately presents risk to those operatives who previously would manually inspect the asset.

Skymatics advanced drone inspections eliminate this risk by providing a live HD video feed back to the remote pilot who can record 4k footage or high resolution images to clearly demonstrate the integrity of each asset.

We can also provide absolute accurate georeferenced 3d models, which can be interrogated in a number of software platforms.

Our drones carry specifically built inspection payloads with 23x hybrid optical zoom and dedicated inspection software that compiles the captured data into a simplified universal format.

For our clients this makes viewing data simple, efficient and accurate. We can also provide comprehensive reports and as built records.

photography film - Drone Survey

Drone Photography & FIlm

Gone are the days of struggling to achieve professional drone media at the compromise of high risk activity and out dated equipment.

Progressively more and more films, TV shows, advertisements incorporate drone footage as it provides the audience with an interesting and engaging alternative perspective.

Skymatics drones are designed to carry high resolution sensors capturing full Cinematic 4K footage and upwards of 20mp images.

This means our drones are more efficient, more dynamic and ready to deploy in minutes meaning our clients don’t miss that all important shot!

We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO), relevant insurances and CAA Exemption for operation in some restricted airspaces.