Reality Capture

Reality Capture refers to the process of collecting data about physical objects or environments to create digital models. These models are accurate representations of the real world. This technology is commonly used in surveying to create precise digital replicas...

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Drone Inspection For Business Assets

A drone inspection is becoming the increasingly popular choice for business asset inspections. This is due to their versatility, efficiency, and ability to access hard-to-reach areas. The benefits of using drones for asset inspection are numerous and can provide...

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Laser Scanning In The Construction Industry

Laser scanning technology is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. With its high accuracy and speed of data collection, laser scanning provides numerous advantages. This can help contractors, architects, and engineers streamline the building process, saving time and...

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Drone Operators What Clients Need To Know Before Hiring

As a drone operator, Skymatics have recently received their fifth Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Allowing us to operate a drone under a pre-defined risk assessment (UK-PDRA-01) set of guidelines. This gives Skymatics increased flexability to...

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How The U.K. Drone Industry Will Look In 2023

As 2023 gets underway, the drone industry is expected to have a significant impact on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry in the UK in 2023. The use of drones in construction has already demonstrated the potential for...

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