MC001TI - Machine Control

One platform, complete control

We specialize in installing, supporting and optimising Leica’s Geosystems machine control equipment. The system offers a unified hardware platform with a common software interface, that can be used across all types of heavy plant. A simple solution to increase productivity by unifying design data for seamless workflows that result in better collaboration, site safety and profits.

The user can accurately compare the design model to the actual position of the machine’s cutting edge, such as the bucket or blade edge. The software assists the operator to position the machine to achieve the planned design. The software is even capable of automatically controlling the position of the machine’s cutting edge, increasing efficiency for operators on construction sites.

We also have the capability to remotely log in to any of our units via telematics to diagnose and support the operator. When necessary, we will visit site for training, maintenance, calibration checks and repairs. We can support our clients every step of the way in installing and successfully implementing machine control systems.

The entire system is also supported by the web-based Leica ConX  – an open, simplified and user friendly cloud based collaboration platform for managing and transferring of data remotely.

Machine Control Services

Skymatics Spinning


With factory trained fitters and specialists you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll make the installation process a seamless one.

Skymatics Spinning

Remote Optimisation

Through the use of Leica Conx, we can connect to client’s machines in real time wherever they are located. This remote cloud-based solution enables management, monitoring and transfer of data.

Skymatics Spinning

Your Digital Design Site

Digitising your site removes unnecessary boots from the ground. This helps to reduce people and plant interface.

machine control installation - Machine Control


Skymatics offer complete installation of Leica Machine Control Systems on projects across the UK.

We install Leica’s Geosystem machine control equipment on earthworks and construction machinery such excavators, dozers, graders and drilling rigs etc.

Our installers are Leica certified and factory trained in Denmark making them leaders in their field of knowledge and expertise.

machine control site maintenance calibration - Machine Control

Site Maintenance and Calibration

– It’s important to us that once installed, the Machine Control System continues to work as efficiently as possible. This means we provide on-going servicing, repairs when needed and around the clock technical support. Technical support is provided via remote telematics to diagnose and support the operator as soon as there’s an issue, this reduces downtime in operations.

When necessary we will visit sites for maintenance, calibration checks and repairs. We support our client’s every step of the way from installing to successfully implementing machine control systems on site.

Machine Control 1 32 4 - Machine Control

Remote Optimisation

At Skymatics we use a system called Leica ConX, a cloud-based collaboration tool that allows our clients to efficiently manage all their connected construction projects and to share job-related data with all stakeholders. Leica ConX enables you to visualise and validate localised reference models, survey data and constructed data with powerful analysis tools for monitoring and reporting site productivity.


  • Visualise designs localised on a 3D project map for quick and easy data validation.
  • Assign and automatically share designs and updates to 3D machines and surveyors.
  • Connect Leica desktop applications to ConX projects for direct field and office data sharing.
  • Aggregate measured points from all connected sensors in real time.
  • Powerful real time cut and fill analysis tool for monitoring project progress.
  • Volume calculating for automated project productivity analysis and reporting.


machine control digital design site - Machine Control

Your Digital Design Site

Using Leica Geosystems we transform construction sites into the digital age by managing, monitoring and sharing construction and survey data in real time everywhere. Personnel and machines on the job site need to share the same data and stay in sync so work can be carried out effectively on time and on budget.

Benefits of digitalising a construction site:

  • Share updates and corrections to reference models in real time across the project to guarantee transparency and quick reaction to design updates.
  • Monitor machine control operations remotely.
  • Report productivity for the work that has been performed to validate that work has been completed and the results are to specification.
  • Visualise and validate data used and generated on site through 3D interactive maps to collaborate and communicate with everyone on site.
machine control support - Machine Control


We provide a support service for any maintenance issues and can provide comprehensive operator training to ensure the equipment continues to run as smoothly as possible. This support can be completed remotely, or if required, we can travel to site and engage with your operators to make sure they’re getting the best out of the Machine Control system.

We will take as much time as needed in supporting personnel either remotely or onsite. We don’t leave until we are 100% confident a solution is reached and the team feel fully assured.