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At Skymatics we are trusted by our clients in the sectors that we operate in daily. Over the last few years, we have led the field in providing drone services, machine control solutions, traditional surveys, 3D virtual tours and data preparation services to private individuals and businesses across the UK.

Originally we focused our time solely on engineering and surveying for large construction projects. However, we have continued to develop our skill sets, growing as individuals but more importantly as a company. We now offer a wide range of services in multiple sectors across the UK.


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We cut our teeth in the construction industry. From starting as apprentices on small civil projects across Bristol we soon developed a strong passion for embracing the technology that was available for surveying and setting out. Over a decade later that passion hasn’t diminished.

From half-second total stations, laser scanners, machine control, UAVs and complex software programs we have embraced many geosystems with recognised success from small intricate builds to some of the more prestigious construction projects in Europe.

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Architectural & Building

Our surveyors can use a multitude of survey equipment, including UAVs or drones to capture and generate real-time data to support the use of visualisation, analysis to provide comprehensive building plans.

We can also combine this with the use of our high resolution ground based cameras to provide a fully immersive, measurable virtual tour of your architectural or building interest.

Streamline documentation to reduce costs and site visits by capturing complete 3D scans. You can also annotate, share, and export point cloud data to make collaborating and modelling more effiecent and easier.

Our outputs include:

  • Floor plans, elevations and sections.
  • 3D models available in software platforms.

Data captured using LiDAR, cameras with depth sensors and UAVs or drones.

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Property Marketing & Tourism

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing solutions including:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Videography
  • 360 Virtual Reality tours

Going above and beyond just terrestrial photographs aerial media and a bespoke 3D walkthrough enables your guests to experience your property as if they were really there, separating your property from the countless others using traditional photo capture methods.

Your clients will understand that what they’re seeing online is actually how a space will look in real life. By providing the most realistic representation possible, guests feel more confident and more likely to book.

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Archaeological & Heritage

Combining our fleet of UAVs and ground-based sensors we specialise in capturing the best quality data that is possible. We understand that each job is different, this means our clients deliverable will be specific to best suit the specific project requirements.

Through unobtrusive specialised data acquisition we can process accurate georeferenced 3D models, orthophotos and virtual interactive tours. This is the best way to document those prestigious historic jewels.

This sector covers archaeological sites, historic structures and geological and features.

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Our UAVs or drones are an essential tool for environmental monitoring, agricultural drone inspection and survey work such as the inspection of flood defences. They offer a high level of accuracy and detail with their duration, RTK geotagging capabilities and high resolution sensors, they are invaluable as a tool for a wide range of environmental monitoring tasks.

We can complete a diverse range of environmental monitoring including the effects of climate change, changing eco-systems and urbanisation and habitat changes. UAVs or drones can access areas that are either too high risk or too inaccessible for operatives or other forms of monitoring including remote coastlines, river banks and agricultural locations.

Once we’ve captured this data we can process using photogrammetry software with appropriate quality control to verify our accuracies. From this we can output a number of deliverables on different software packages to suit our clients requirements.

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Whether you’re an insurance carrier, a claims adjuster, restoration company, or property owner, we can ensure the most accurate, transparent, and fair documentation and valuations possible, closing claims much more quickly and efficiently.

Provide comprehensive loss documentation and eliminate hundreds of photographs, measurements, and written statements with 3D walk-throughs.

Our models and virtual tours ensures the highest accuracy in processing claims, reducing discrepancies and travel times necessary to verify jobs, decreasing overall costs, and providing better customer service to your clients.

Capture a building or space exactly as a snapshot in time and gather the most accurate documentation and measurements possible. We can help you provide indisputable evidence while reducing interruptions to restoration work.