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Drone Surveys – Asset Inspection

11/10/21 - By Daniel Jordan

Skymatics were tasked by G4S to complete a series of roof inspections across a number of their assets in the Southwest of the UK.

The Challenge.

Skymatics were commissioned by G4S – The worlds largest security company – to aid their Facilities Management team in successfully completing a series of asset inspection surveys. The challenge was to help conduct a number of roof inspections across the site offices and Associated Development (AD) sites that G4S maintain as part of the Hinkley Point C project. This included inspecting four large office buildings spread across the busy construction site, as well as some of the AD sites located in the surrounding towns of Taunton and Bridgwater.

The Solution.

Skymatics were asked to utilise their drone capabilities in an effort to minimise higher risk operations, such as working at height and mobilising cherry pickers and scissor lifts adjacent to busy pedestrian areas. Our drones would ultimately provide a safer and more cost-effective solution whilst minimizing disruption to busy pedestrian areas.

This was a perfect scenario to exploit the technology available to us and demonstrate what can be achieved with drones and industry specific payloads. The right tool for the right job! Our DJI Matrice 300 RTK is geared towards tricky industrial inspections. Loaded with a six directional sensing and positioning system, an integrated Health Management System, advanced redundancy and market-leading flight times, meaning less battery swaps, this drone was in it’s element. Paired with it’s proprietary H20 payload which offers up to 23x hybrid optical zoom, baosting 200x max zoom on a 20MP zoom camera, a 12MP wide angled camera for an aerial overview and finally a laser rangefinder capable of identifying distances up to 1200m away.

As you can tell from the above, the hardware in this drone platform is exceptional. We also exploited the dedicated software for inspections such as the ‘Hi-res Grid Photo’ mode. It captures a custom grid of images of a specified area with both the wide-angle camera and the powerful zoom camera allowing a user to pull up a mosaic of easily navigable detailed inspection.

The Results.

All of the assets were successfully and most importantly, safely inspected. The deliverables of HD video and imagery was delivered to the client. This contract was nothing short of an accomplishment of endorsing technology to supersede what was previously a fairly rudimentary method of inspection. Upon completion of the works, we were asked by the client to continue these drone inspections on an annual basis. Adding they were impressed with the quality of the data from the drone, and the removal of disruption to site activities from the aerial inspections. Onwards and upwards for our drones!


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